Recent Graduates

You can see ALL of our adopted pets by going to this Petfinder page!

Here are some pets who found homes in 2022 through FOBA.

Olivia and sister, April 2022


Callie was trapped in Beverly and very fearful. She learned to love in her foster home. She loves other kitties and has become just precious.  March 2022

Fluffy was living in a barn in Middleton, MA for the past two years.  He is so social and playful, once we got to know him.  He is living his best life in his new home in Beverly. February 2022.

Shadow is no longer living out on the cold streets of Beverly. We took him to the veterinarian and he is now adopted and in his cozy Beverly home.


Merry Christmas from Alvin the three legged kitty. He is doing great in his new home. He runs and chases toys and is a great, happy kitty. (Seen here in his yoga pose.)


Aurora, mom, and Astrid, daughter, were adopted into a loving home as a pair. We are so happy they were able to stay together as a family.  December 2021


Maggie and Magic are growing strong and healthy and happy. We had little Magic as a kitten longer than we expected as he needed surgery to repair a hernia. As you can see from their grown up picture, all is well and he hasn’t had any more health issues. ❤



Black kitty-cat CHARLOTTE was adopted in March, 2018.


UPDATE: SUMMER, formerly PENELOPE, was trapped in downtown Beverly in the Fall 2016 and was adopted through FOBA. Although she was somewhat skittish for about one month in her new home, Summer now sleeps on top of her owner every night and eats like a horse!

Bobbi and Monty

BOBBI, the red haired cat, and MONTY are not siblings but they bonded in their foster home. Now, as of March 2017, they have a forever home together.


STAR, adopted in February 2017, now keeps a lap in Ipswich warm.


This one, that face, last of the litter? CHLOE found her new home in February 2017.

Torties sisters

These two tortie sisters, now named ECHO and SHADOW, were adopted in January 2017.


Once FOBA fosters, LUNA and ELANOR are now Diana’s cats.


FOBA alumni enjoying their Christmas cat-tree present. The shorthair girl, JUNO, was trapped in downtown Beverly with her two siblings. MARGAUX and JUNO are living the high life. We love alumni pictures!


Lucky LEROY was the first FOBA cat to be adopted in 2017.

Boo Boo

BOO BOO found her new home in December 2016.