Help Us v2

There are many ways to help FOBA. Here are just a few suggestions.


  • Provide a foster home for one or more of our homeless cats? (food and litter provided)
  • Adopt one of our rescued animals?
  • Make a donation? Any amount will be appreciated!
  • Help with a fundraiser? decorate or help us set up? sell tickets?
  • Write an article for our newsletter or website?
  • Help with a mailing?
  • Help us add to our mailing list?
  • Help us increase our membership?
  • Attend a monthly meeting to learn more? We would love to have you join the FOBA team!

Are you using AmazonSmile? When shopping online, please go to and select FOBA as your preferred charity (Your Account — Your Charity.) FOBA will receive a donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation and it won’t cost you a thing! Thank you!

Perhaps there are other ways you can think of that we may not have even realized we need.

Do you have any suggestions for fundraising events?

Want to make a donation?

We appreciate your support, and thank you for any donation you may want to contribute, every dollar counts. Please use the button on the right of your screen to donate.

Want to join our mailing list?

If you would like to receive our newsletter printed out and sent to your mailbox, please send along your mailing address in the form below.

If you would like to help save us some money and resources and would rather receive the newsletter through email, please include the phrase “email newsletter” at the end of your comment below.

If you don’t include your mailing address or the phrase email newsletter, we’ll assume it’s just a regular comment, and that you don’t want to receive our newsletter.