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Charlotte Black kitty-cat CHARLOTTE was adopted in March, 2018.


Fluffy was a barn kitty from Middleton. He is living the good life in his new Beverly home! 2022 Luna Tuxedo-cat LUNA was adopted in December 2016. Penelope No more living in the cold and snow for this little rascal, PENELOPE, who found her home in December 2016. Sparky Handsome SPARKY found a new home quickly, as expected, in October 2016. Tucker and Trina In October 2016 TUCKER and TRINA went to their new home. TIMMY and TYLER Brothers TIMMY and TYLER were adopted in September 2016. MITZY toy In September 2016 MITZY went with a loving couple to a home where she will have toy mice to shred and lots of cuddle time. LUCY pawsome LUCY came to us very thin and was found eating out of a trash can. Now a ‘Marshmallow of Love,’ LUCY found her home in September 2016. MONIQUE+MARGO Mom MONIQUE and her daughter MARGO were adopted together into the same home in September 2016. MOLLY+MORGAN Tabby MOLLY and her black-and-silver brother MORGAN found a new home together in August 2016. Monica Silver-tailed MONICA was adopted into a home with a big kitty brother and a dog as playmates in August 2016. BEANS Elegant, lovely, and oddly named BEANS went to her new home in August 2016. LUNA LUNA went to a great home with another friendly kitty to play with in August 2016. LADY Little LADY found her new home in April 2016. Girlie and Daisy Siblings GIRLIE (top) and DAISY were adopted into the same home in April 2016. Bixbee According to BIXBEE, adopted in April 2016, the secret to finding a good home is to show up in the backyard of a FOBA member. Woodstock WOODSTOCK was adopted in April 2016 to befriend a dog whose kitty friend passed away recently. We sent WOODSTOCK on her mission with an extra ration of love. Blackie and Boo These two buddies, BLACKIE and BOO, are going to be together for a long time. They were adopted into the same home in March 2016. Pumpkin and Goldie PUMPKIN and GOLDIE found their new homes in February 2016. Uma UMA went to her new home in February 2016. Flash and Dash Siblings FLASH (top) and DASH were adopted in January 2016. Colby Some lucky person brought stunning COLBY into their home in January 2016. Pepsi This little black elf, PEPSI, was adopted in January 2016. Jason JASON, a white-bellied love-bug lap-cat, went to his new home in January 2016. Sasha In December 2015, FOBA rescued MARGAUX from the streets before that super-snowy winter began. The following December, MARGAUX was adopted into her permanent home. What a difference year makes! Sasha Look who found her new home in time for Christmas! SASHA was adopted in December 2015. Tabitha Although new to the concept of trusting people, lovey BENSON found a person to love full-time in December 2015. Tabitha Extra sweet and slightly cross-eyed TABITHA went to her new home in December 2015. Simon SIMON the Lovebug found his new home just in time for Thanksgiving 2015. Lulu With the help of her special friend Liz and FOBA, LULU found her perfect new home in November 2015. Vinnie and Tony VINNIE and TONY at their FOBA foster home and 18 months later at their forever home. MANGO After being rescued from the streets and adjusting to living with people, MANGO found his new home in November 2015. PANSY and POPPY Kitten sisters PANSY and POPPY were adopted together into the same home in September 2015. CHARLOTTE Somewhat Siamese CHARLOTTE joined her new family in September 2015. POSEY Calico cat POSEY was adopted in September 2015. NUGGETS NUGGETS found a new home in August 2015 just one week after his adoption notice was posted. CHARLIE and CHASE Looks like brothers CHARLIE and CHASE are going to be together for a long time. They were adopted together into the same home in August 2015. BABY BOY MAMA REBA and RUBIO Sister and brother (and wrestlers), REBA (left) and RUBIO were adopted together into the same home in July 2015. CHRIS Orange tabby CHRIS found a new home with another kitten in July 2015. KENDRA Fair-haired KENDRA was adopted in July 2015. LILLY Sisters LILLY (here) and JASMINE (below) found their new home together in June 2015. JASMINE JASMINE (here) went to her new family in June 2015, along with her sister LILLY (above). JASPER JASPER went to his new family in April 2015. RUDY In April 2015 talkative RUDY found his new home, with a chihuahua slightly smaller than he is. VIOLET This petite, blue-eyed lap cat, VIOLET, found her new home in March 2015. HALLIE No longer concerned about surviving snow storms while outdoors, HALLIE went to her new home in March 2015. PANTHER PANTHER found a home in March 2015. JACK Mountains of snow could not prevent JACK, with the markings of an Egyptian Mau, from being adopted in February 2015. JANE Beautiful tortie JANE was adopted in January 2015. FRACK FRACK was adopted in January 2015, just a few days after his brother FRICK was adopted. FRICK FRICK was adopted in January 2015, a day after his adoption notice was posted. JILL JILL was adopted in January 2015, a day after her adoption notice was posted. TOSSY TOSSY was adopted at the beginning of 2015. SMOKEY SMOKEY found his home a couple days before Christmas. MAYBELLINE MAYBELLINE, a Christmas kitty, set a record by finding a home just hours after her adoption notice was posted. PHOEBE PHOEBE went home the week before Christmas 2014. BATMAN BATMAN was adopted in November 2014. EARL GRAY EARL GRAY was adopted in November 2014. NINA Sweet NINA was adopted in October 2014. CLOONEY Sibling kittens CLOONEY (pictured) and MARSHMALLOW were adopted into the same home in October 2014. JASMINE and BEAUTY Kittens JASMINE (left) and BEAUTY were adopted into the same home in October 2014. HARRY and CHARLIE Brothers CHARLIE (left) and HARRY, a special case for FOBA, were adopted into the same home in October 2014. NICKY and NICOLE Brother and sister NICKY (left) and NICOLE were adopted into the same home in September 2014. PERSIA Shy but purr-full PERSIA went to her new home in September 2014. SYDNEY Beautiful and friendly SYDNEY was adopted in September 2014. MACAROON BELLA BETSY Little BETSY found a home in August 2014. MAGGIA and MIA MAGGIA and MIA, mom and daughter, were adopted together as a pair in August 2014. DUSTY DUSTY was adopted in August 2014. COCONUT COCONUT was adopted in July 2014. CHAI, CALI, and VINNIE Three kittens—CHAI, CALI, and VINNIE—were adopted in June 2014. CELIA Beautiful CELIA was adopted in June 2014. 3 Kittens SUZIE (right) and SHERRY (left) were adopted in June 2014. Candy Oreo+Cookie Jenny Rupert Teri+Jody Sisters TERI and JODY, 8 months old, were adopted in May 2014. Coco Calico kitten COCO found her home in March 2014. Polly Beautiful blue LOUIS was adopted in March 2014. Polly POLLY was adopted in February 2014. Winnie Winnebago WINNIE WINNEBAGO, found living all alone under a Winnebago, found her forever home in January 2014! Shadow_sitting Shadow_bricks Prince paws PRINCE was adopted in December 2013—and renamed CHARMING! Buster at center BUSTER, BUDDY, and BOBBY, siblings, were adopted in November 2013. Cole and Colette in their perch COLE and COLETTE were adopted in September 2013. Rocky Rocky Pebbles Dino Three Calico Kittens Three Calico Kittens



Abby Nibbles Barney and Midnight resting Dixie’s kittens BARNEY, left, and MIDNIGHT were adopted in June 2013. Samantha Samantha on chair Georgette GEORGETTE is the young mom cat of three kittens—Grady, Gillian, and Greta, shown below—adopted through FOBA. After raising her three kittens to be great companions, Georgette herself was adopted into a loving home. Parker and Hemingway Parker and upsidedown Hemingway 3 Calico Kittens Two Calico Kittens Carpeto Carpeto 2 Blackie Blackie_and_Bree Debbie zen Debbie roll


ROSS and RACHEL are 2 kittens from different litters that lived together in foster care and became a bonded pair. They are the best of friends. They were adopted into the same home just in time for Christmas. Ross’s foster parent, who has cared for many cats, wrote, “He is one of the best foster kittens I ever had to care for.” He is so friendly like a puppy. He purrs when picked up, loves to run after and wrestle his friend Rachel. Rachel, the black and white female kitten, is companion, sleepmate, groomer, and wrestling partner of Ross. She is loving and likes to sit on laps and be petted.

Ross Rachel Rachel and Ross Rachel and Ross: Grooming? Or wrestling?


Dewi Dewi belly Daniel DANI was adopted as a four-month-old kitten in December 2012. Yes, this long hair, blonde, lap kitten is Dewi’s sister. Brownie pumpkin Brownie