FOBA’s Trap-Neuter-Release Program

Did you know that some of the money that FOBA raises though events like the Fur Ball and through FOBA calendar sales goes toward a trap-neuter-release program for stray cats in Beverly? When we learn about stray cats in a neighborhood, FOBA volunteers feed those cats and once the cats are used to being fed, the food is moved inside a humane trap with a trap door that closes after the cat goes inside to eat. The traps are constantly monitored so the cats can be moved to a safe location as soon as they are trapped. A vet then examines the cats, gives shots and medications as necessary, and neuters or spays the cat. If the cat is reasonably friendly, they are rehabilitated in a FOBA foster home until they are adopted. If the cat is truly feral, it is released in the neighborhood where it was found. A neutered or spayed cat helps keep other stray cats out of that neighborhood, without producing kittens and making the stray cat problem worse for the neighborhood. Our trap-neuter-release program gets some stray cats off the streets and into loving, permanent homes, and it improves the health of cats that are truly wild and stops them from producing kittens.

Here are three Thanksgiving Cats. All black CHESTNUT (center in photo below) was trapped in Beverly on Sunday, spayed on Monday, and released back into her neighborhood on Wednesday. Pretty good for a street kitten. Her two siblings are showing signs of friendliness and are currently being worked with in foster homes. Much warmer than their Cabot street corner.


Click on the image above to view it at full size.

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