How F.O.B.A. Got Started

Millie the wonder cat

Millie the wonder cat

This is Millie’s story.

Millie was abandoned on Mill Street in Beverly in the summer of 2007. Her arm was wedged in her plastic fleacollar, unable to move without experiencing excritiating pain. When she was rescued, she was near death. She was emaciated and her body was covered with infections from the flea collar that had befome imbedded in her neck and under her arm which allowed the toxins direct access to her wound.

When her rescuer wanted medical help for Millie, she found out that Beverly had no money and no organization in place to help. Millie was taken to a local Veterinarian and started the long road to recovery.

But what a trooper, Millie never complained, she was very sweet and loving and now is very happy in her foster home. She will be ready for adoption soon.

Her picture and story were run in the local paper and several people got together and started FOBA.

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