No Meeting in June – Special Note about possible 2021 Calendar


Dear Friends,

First, from all of the volunteers at FOBA, we want to send our best wishes and hope that you and your families are all well during these difficult days.

Next, we wanted to let you know that we are trying to decide whether or not to plan on printing a calendar for 2021, considering the coronavirus that so dramatically affects all of us and what we do. We have published a calendar each year for over a decade and we would like to continue, but at this time we cannot make any promises. We would, however, like to begin collecting your favorite pet photos and hold off on making a decision on the calendar until some time in July. Selling calendars is one way we raise money to help us continue our mission of rescuing and finding good homes for animals in need. Most of our sales are thru stores located in Beverly, and since we are not sure if they will be open or what the circumstances may be, for now we’ll just collect your photos…and perhaps use them on our Facebook page or website some time in the future if we decide not to print a calendar. But, on the assumption that we will print one, here are the guidelines.


The Friends of Beverly Animals (FOBA) is seeking pet photos for our 2021 calendar (or other possible use should we decide not to do a calendar, as stated above). Please send us a favorite photo (LIMIT OF 3 PER PET, PLEASE!) of dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, any animal you care about, as long as it’s a good and interesting photo and was not used in our previous calendars.

Photos should be high quality (jpg format, at least 100 dpi or 4″x6″ in size), not blurry or dark, with no people (or people parts) in them. Please identify the animal(s) by name, and state the owner’s name. The deadline for submission is July 15, 2020. Send to and include the words “2021 calendar” in the email subject line. Receipt of your photos will be acknowledged, but please be patient because we receive lots of photos. If you don’t currently have a pet, but know someone who might like to have their animal friend in the calendar, kindly share this information.
For more information on our calendar, email or call 978-922-7190. For further information or to ask about adoptions, fostering, volunteering, etc., visit our Facebook pate, or call 978-927-4157.

We also have no way of knowing at this time (early May) whether or not we will be able to have our annual fundraiser scheduled for September. It all depends on what happens with social distancing, etc., by then. If it is to take place, we will get the word out in many ways.

Thank you for supporting the Friends of Beverly Animals and helping us save even more precious animals!

Bonnie Hannable
& All the Volunteers at FOBA

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